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Students in tableau. (from Unit 5)

Holly has shared her experience with using the tableau strategy in her classroom.

After learning how to use tableau, Holly, an art teacher from Lee County, Florida, tried it with her class. Her students were learning about the Harlem Renaissance. While discussing Jim Crow and Jacob Lawrence's Great Migration series of paintings, Holly asked students how they could represent the word "injustice." Before the class discussion, students didn't know the meaning of the word. Following the discussion, students worked in small groups to demonstrate their definitions using tableaux. All 32 were working and engaged! At the conclusion of their presentations, Holly asked if using tableau helped them understand the meaning of injustice. At first the students said "no," but as they reviewed what they knew before doing their tableaux and what they knew afterward, they realized that they now had a lot of ideas about what injustice meant. Holly said, "I love arts integration strategies because they bridge the gaps between a student's background knowledge and their new deeper understandings."

Mary's comment: This is active learning and student engagement in brains-on learning! Plus, taking time to reflect with your students helps them understand how they have learned through the arts. This understanding encourages students to continue to use and apply the strategy. Way to go, Holly!

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